We prioritize delivering value to our clients through our Audit approach, strategically elevating both quality and productivity.


Performance Driven

Our Audit services transcend mere compliance with statutory requirements. We excel in empowering clients to elevate their performance. By attentively understanding their needs, contemplating business implications, and customizing solutions, we ensure a tailored approach. Our capabilities extend to shouldering the responsibility associated with assessing and managing enterprise risks

Strong Reputation

At Bonglez Auditors and Accountants Incorporated, we boast a distinguished legacy of delivering highly efficient, risk-based Audit services. Our approach not only prioritizes compliance but also places a strong emphasis on adding substantial value to our clients, enhancing both quality and productivity in the process.


Unwavering Commitment to Industry Standards

Delivering unparalleled service, we align with International Auditing Standards, guided by our unwavering commitment to values mandated by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the Independent Regulatory Body for Auditors (IRBA). This ensures an audit of the utmost quality, setting a new standard in excellence.


At Bonglez Auditors and Accountants Incorporated, our dedicated team of Audit professionals goes the extra mile to comprehend our clients’ businesses and the nuances of their industries. This in-depth understanding allows us to pinpoint significant risks and opportunities beyond the conventional financial reporting function, ensuring a comprehensive approach that maximizes value for our clients.


Our Assurance experts at Bonglez Auditors and Accountants Incorporated proactively gather crucial insights throughout the audit process, delving into the intricacies of our clients’ businesses, internal controls, and risk landscape. This meticulous approach ensures a comprehensive understanding, enabling us to deliver strategic and tailored solutions that elevate your business performance.

Dependable Approaches

Our proven methodologies empower clients to meet the increasing demand for heightened disclosure and accountability. Through a collaborative yet independent approach, we foster transparent communication, implementing tailored techniques that precisely align with the distinctive requirements of each organization.

Full range of services includes:

  • Forensic audit and litigation supports
  • Internal audits
  • Attorney’s trust funds
  • Estate Agents trust funds
  • Retirement Funds Audits.
  • Statutory audits and financial reporting
  • Performance Audits
  • Information Technology Security Solutions
  • Verifications and certifications for legal and other purposes
  • IFRS Compliance/Accounting Technical
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Agreed Upon procedures
  • Financial Review Engagements IT governance
  • Information System Assurance
  • ERP Solutions
  • Data Analytics and Continuous Auditing
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